Wizelink International


Restoring Confident Spending For Consumers

Wizelink International is a leading consumer credit repair provider and has helped thousands of people land their dream homes through coaching and consulting. By working directly with Realtors and mortgage lenders, Wizelink’s unique approach bridges the gap between buyer and lender.

Wizelink partnered with Jax + Cole to help with the company’s brand strategy. They presented us with two main challenges — how to generate leads quickly and organically during the coronavirus lockdown, and how to position the brand as a service provider to avoid being seen as a gimmick.

Our recommendation was to publish free content and distribute across social media while users were working from home, in order to gain interest. We wrote and published a free e-book that consumers could use to make quick self-improvements to boost their credit scores. In addition, we distributed the book across social media platforms with links to the main site’s custom landing page, and ran click campaigns to track the brand’s reach.

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